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Berry Clean Soaps

Honey Comb Cupcake Soaps

Honey Comb Cupcake Soaps

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Soft skin is not as hard to achieve as it appears to be. At least not with the right products.

Honey Comb Cupcake soap bar will get you delicious results. Its key ingredient, shea butter, will cleanse your pores, get rid of dead skin, creating incredible smoothness.

Complicated skin care routines which yield mediocre results need not apply. With Honey Comb Cupcake soap, you will be enjoying an amazing relaxation time in the middle of bubbles scented with Honey comb fragrance oil. Meanwhile, the soap will renew and replenish your skin, leaving it absolutely radiant.

* No added preservatives
* Handmade in small batches with more care to detail and quality of each soap
* Coconut Oil- To add more organic cleansing factor to the soap
* Olive oil- To help moisturize and fight bacteria
* Soybean oil- To add vitamin E to your soap
* Skin safe mica coloring
* Exfoliate with oatmeal

Width: 2.5"
Net Weight: 4oz


Soybean, Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, milk, honey and oatmeal fragrance oil, turmeric powder, water, skin safe glitter

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