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Berry Clean Soaps

Plant Based Laundry & Dish Soap Bars

Plant Based Laundry & Dish Soap Bars

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Enjoy this 100% Coconut oil soap bar, made to make your own laundry soap, wash dishes or remove stains. This soap bar is consisted of only two ingredients, coconut oil and lye which when combined it makes soap. This soap bar makes a cleansing foamy consistency of bubbles perfect for laundry and tough on grease. This is an unscented soap, you may add essential oils to your favorite laundry soap recipe.

Ingredients: coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye)

NOTE: Keep soap bar on a soap dish after use that allows it to dry up and last longer if using to clean dishes. Please wear gloves when handling this soap since it is at its pure state for cleaning and can be drying to skin. This soap is not intended for body.

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